13 Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

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The original Star Wars movie—Episode IV: A New Hope, came out in 1977, and until now, the fandom is only increasing. For someone who hasn’t watched a single movie in the Star Wars series, it is just another science fiction movie that fans can’t stop gushing over. But only the true enthusiasts would understand the surrounding hype. They know how Star Wars have influenced their childhood through the movies, and the games, from the memories of X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter to playing the epic Battlefront II space battles with friends, every part of it is pure gold. Today, we will discuss gift ideas for Star Wars fans.

Every film and series on the list is an emotion for a true Star Wars fan. Emotions have played a significant part in their childhood, and even after growing up, they continue to play their part. A universe that started with A New Hope and opened to the world of Star Wars.

So for the loyal Star Wars Fan, below is the list of 13 gift ideas that will get them excited and happy receiving them.

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1. Star Wars Action Figure

One thing dear to the fandom of any universe is the collectibles. This rare Star Wars The Force Awakens Flame Trooper Action Figure can be considered a perfect gift. The model carries realistic details about the motion picture. The action figure is equipped with a replica of the armor, flame thrower, and blaster. Along with this, you can choose another action figure of your favorite character of your choice.

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2. Star Wars-Themed Music Box

A wooden Antique Carved Hand Crank, The Force Be your music box, is one of the coolest gift ideas for Star Wars fans. The small wooden box’s handle plays your favorite Star Wars theme song when turned. The box is lightweight and comes in a compact size. It can be kept or carried around anywhere one likes. The wooden carving on the box increases the beauty; whoever receives this beautiful gift will adore every inch of it.

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3. Collectable Star Wars Tin

This collectible tin is the perfect gift for your Star Wars enthusiast of any age group. So, anybody who wants to relive the final battle between the Rebellion and the Empire can pick this one. The Star Wars tin contains various fun activity books, puzzles, word games, and special Star Wars Novels. You can choose among various Star Wars character-themed collectible tins based on various fun-filled activities inside it.

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4. The Jedi Path Deluxe Book Set

As a true Star Wars fan, you will want to learn the ways of the dark and light sides of the forces, and this Jedi Path Deluxe Book Set has taught the generations of Jedi and successfully enlightened them. This special edition contains two sets of books representing the two sides of the forces, along with the handwritten comments from prominent force wielders from both sides of the troops. This makes up the perfect collectible for anyone who loves Star Wars and is a book nerd at the same time.

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5. Star Wars Coffee Mug

How about your favorite beverage in a super cool Star War-themed coffee mug? Sounds perfect. You can gift this special coffee mug to your person on any occasion you like, whether it’s a birthday party or any little or significant milestone achieved. The funny quote on the mug serves as the cherry on top and makes for a perfect gift ideas for Star Wars fans

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6. Star Wars Lightsaber

If you have the option of going a little over the budget, any Star Wars fan will absolutely love to own a lightsaber. This Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber has the option of switching to different colors. You can get your hands on this beautiful weapon of Jedi and cut through the blast doors and enemies in the blink of an eye. The Laser Sword will be the most prized possession and a perfect gifting idea for your boyfriend, and hands down, it is the coolest gadget on the checklist.

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7. Star Wars Keychain

For the love of Star Wars and organized keys, Star Wars Themed Key Chain can be a sweet and affordable option for you. The receiver will always love them and, as a matter, keep close to them. You can go for various designs such as the Mandalorian, the star destroyer, the Darth Vader, etc.

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8. Star Wars Diary and Notebooks

Every person loves fancy stationery, and receiving a Star Wars Themed Diary and Notebook would be joyful for somebody who is a Star Wars fan. You can choose from a wide range of designs available on the internet. If possible, you can also get the person’s name personalized on the cover of the notebook or diary. You can add a stylish pen with a nice set of notebooks, and your work is done. You can pick premium options available for the pen as well.

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9. Star Wars T-Shirts and Hoodies

 A Star Wars t-shirt would be a cheap gifting idea for Star Wars fan. If you gather information about the preferences of the person’s favorite character (the one receiving the gift) and pick t-shirts and hoodies accordingly. You can create a hamper by picking several t-shirts and hoodies in various colors and designs. A comfortable and stylish clothing stash can never go wrong and is always a save

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10. Star Wars Lamp

Lamps add a beautiful charm to the ambiance. Anywhere it is placed, it adds to the vibe of the environment. Besides, lamps are excellent decor pieces for every setting, type, style, and fashion. This particular Star Wars Lamp is an exceptional piece. The customized 3-D product is a perfect fit for the space of a Star Wars fan. They are available in various designs and have a special light effect that makes the lamp glow in different colors. The beautiful neon colors in the right volume just brighten up the room. Another alternative can be A Starry Sky Light Projector that will give you the vibe you love. Once turned on, the entire ceiling will be filled with beautiful stars.

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11. Star Wars Wall Stickers

Do you remember the time when life-size wall posters were a thing? How people used to pick posters of their favorite characters and stick that on the wall. Even though people may not have the same love for posters, they still love an excellent imitation of their favorite characters on the wall. These wall stickers are just the right gift idea for a Star Wars fan. They are super trendy and look perfect wherever one chooses to place them. You can pick several popular ones, and you are good to go. Stick them anywhere you wish

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12. Star War Game

This would be perfect if you have a Star Wars fan who also loves playing video games. You can choose Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for them. Played on PlayStation, this single-player game puts you in the place of a Jedi Padawan who meticulously escaped the Order of 66 delivered by Palpatine during Episode III: Revenge Of Sith. This power-packed package comes with amazing weapons and equipment to fight the great villains and enemies. The perfect experience for the one with a love of video games and Star Wars.

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13. Star Wars Lego Game Sets

Games aren’t just for small kids but also adults. To have a good time and achieve a sense of accomplishment at the end. Legos became popular for the very same reason. Instead of offering a fully assembled toy, Legos gave a chance to build a very own one. Not only among kids, but they are also popular among the young adults who have been ardent Star Wars fans. Lego Star Wars Set depicts various models used in the games and how they can be built piece by piece altogether and be a great collectible. There are a variety of designs available in the market from which you can pick your own


For some people, Star Wars has been their entire childhood. From admiring Princess Leia Organa for her impeccable aura to being a fan of robots like R2-D2, C3PO, and BB-8. The great storylines and plot, and the urge to own the same technologically advanced gadgets shown on the screen will be unmatched any day. So, for your Star War fan, any option on the above list will bring a bright smile to their face and will be worth it.

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