10 Gift Ideas for Beekeepers

brown and black bee on brown wooden stick

For shopping for your loved beekeeper friends, these gift ideas for beekeepers will blow your mind! You must be thoughtful if you have a family member or friend associated with beekeeping. This article gives you an idea about the gifts for your beekeepers. When you try to gift something to beekeepers, you have to choose between unique and essential. Always remember, whether the beekeeper in your life or your friend, their gift should be as sweet as liquid gold. You can select beekeeping tools for professional beekeepers, gadgets for hobby beekeepers or some unique and unusual gifts.

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bee tshirt as gift ideas for beekeepers

1.Beekeeper Bee Whisperer T-shirt for him/her

Inexpensive yet creative gift- Beekeepers Bee Whisperer T-shirt can be one of the handpicked items for you to gift your loved beekeeper. You can choose a t-shirt with graphic artwork like beehives in the garden or flying bees for your male beekeeper. With this gift, you not only add extra color to your beekeeping friend’s wardrobe but give him a reason to enjoy his passion. A girl can perceive her passion or hobby. Boys can choose a cute graphic print t-shirt with a “Bee Kind” message for her.

clear glass jar with brown liquid as gift ideas for beekeepers

2.Beehive Crystal Honey Jar

The sweet golden liquid honey should be kept and served in a stunning jar. So, why not you are gifting a super cute and attractive crystal honey jar to your beekeeper friend or family member. A crystal beehive-shaped jar is one of the best gift ideas for beekeepers. It can also be helpful and perfect for everyday use. 

beekeeper sign as gift ideas for beekeepers

3.Beekeeper Sign

When planning to give your dearest beekeeper a special gifter, you can think about garden décor. For example, barn wood made signboards with bluish backgrounds and some graphic artwork. The appeal of natural wood with a shabby yet chic look and artwork like a black and yellow bee flying around can bring a sign of life. This gift can help tell your beekeeper friend that you are so proud of them!

birdbath as gift ideas for beekeepers

4.Birdbath with Stake

Beekeeping and gardening go hand-in-hand. And that cannot be realized until they are knee-deep in honey. If your beekeeper friend already has the bees and flowers, then one thing is missing: a birdbath. You can choose a birdbath bowl, which helps your beekeeper welcome the pollinators. A birdbath with an appealing design can keep the pollinator hydrated and tip-top in shape and make your beekeeper happy with a garden full of bees and pollinators.

bee feeder as gift ideas for beekeepers

5.Honey Bee Feeder

You know bees can get tired quickly, as they work hard daily. If you have a feeder with sugar syrup in your garden, it will be the perfect “pick-me-up” for the tired bees. So, you can pick a classy-look bee feeder and gift it to your beekeeper friend. You can choose a metallic feeder or plastic feeder that can help your beekeepers give water or sugar syrup at the hive’s entrance.

bee food as gift ideas for beekeepers

6.Bee Food Supplement

“Winter is coming”!! Yes, wintertime is really a challenging season for everyone, even for tiny bees in hives, as it gets saturated. If you have beekeeper friends who complain about bee colony’s declining health in winter, you can give them “Hive Alive”. Hive Alive is an FDA-approved supplement and is widely popular among beekeepers across the US. The supplement contains seaweed extract, which can help the bee colony to survive in the wintertime, as well as it can help to increase the colony population.

person holding stainless steel kettle

7.Customized beekeeper Caricature

Do you need to give something unique and creative gift to your favorite beekeeper? You need not worry. You can light up the face of your favorite beekeeper pal with a customized caricature. You need to choose a good photo of your beekeeper and submit it to the artist. The artist will draw a fantastic caricature portrait. It is an exceptional and creative gift idea that your beekeeper will cherish forever!

8.Itch relief tool and cream

When you work with bees, getting stung will not be an unexpected event for you. But that does not mean that pain and itching are less annoying. You can give itch relief suction tool kit to relieve itchiness due to bee-stung. This kit is designed to extract the bee venom from the skin surface. With this tool, you can gift your beekeeper friend itch relief cream to feel and then soothing at the infected area. But when you choose such cream, check whether it is manufactured with natural ingredients and essential oils or not.

9.Queen cage for Honey Bee

You must know about the queen cage if you have a professional beekeeper friend. Beekeepers use the queen cage or queen excluder to restrict the queen bee from entering honey supers. Boxes at the top of the hive stack are meant to be the harvesting place of honey for the beekeepers. Now, if you allow the queen honey bee to move up, she will enter the honey supper and lay an egg. So, a Queen cage or queen rearing kit can be an important and valuable gift for your beekeeper.

honey in glass on tabel

10.Honey Refractometer

Let’s give something a scientific gift to your Beekeeper friend. There is a lot of science that needs to make high-quality honey. People and honey packers spent a lot of dollars on measuring the refractive index of a substance. So, you can gift a Refractometer to your favorite beekeeper. It can help your beekeeper get the most accurate information about moisture, Baume and Brix of honey.

Whether the beekeeper is the “new bee” to your life or a seasoned pro, your gift can make their lives sweeter. By giving them a gift, you can support their passion and love for the bees. So, celebrate love for bees and liquid gold and your love for them with these gift ideas for beekeepers! Though, your presence, support and love for your beekeeper friend and their passion as a beekeeper will be the best gift they used to cherish.

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