15 Thoughtful Travel Gifts for New Parents

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Being a new parent is not easy. And the task becomes even more difficult if the parents wish to go on a vacation with their baby or if there is a need to travel for reasons they can’t avoid. Having proper gear helps in traveling smoothly without any hassle. So, if you’re looking to buy a thoughtful present for a couple who have a baby to take care of, these travel gifts for new parents will make your search easier. All the gift ideas mentioned below are useful for traveling with babies, whether by road or flight.

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travel gifts for new parents

1. Portable Baby Bed

A compact baby bed that’s easy to carry while traveling is an excellent gift for new parents. It gives a little rest to mom’s or dad’s arms by providing a safe and comfortable place for putting the baby to sleep. A well-rested baby makes the journey easier for the parents.

travel gifts for new parents

2. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is yet another useful gift for new parents. It keeps the hands free and the baby close enough to give a peck on the baby’s cheek whenever needed. Carrying luggage or a diaper bag is easy when using a baby carrier. Any new parent would love to have it!

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3. Diaper Bag

A handy diaper bag is a must-have while traveling. It is best for organizing baby stuff like diapers, rash creams, milk bottles, etc. Diaper bags are available in elegant designs as well as cute prints. Pick one you think the new mommy will like the most because she is the one who will be using it a lot more than dad.

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4. Portable White Noise Machine

A white noise machine is a small appliance that produces continuous white noise to help a baby fall asleep. Traveling long distances usually disrupts a baby’s sleep cycle. Therefore, a portable white noise machine will benefit the sleep-deprived parents to put their baby to sleep and get some much-needed rest.

travel gifts for new parents

5. Booster Seat

Feeding babies on the go is quite a challenging task. A handy booster seat makes the entire job less fussy by supporting the baby for mealtimes. The attached tray is great for encouraging self-feeding even when out. So, gift a booster seat if you know the new parents do not have one. They’ll appreciate it for sure!

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6. Tote Insert for Baby Essentials

An alternative to gifting a diaper bag is a tote insert to organize baby stuff. It gets boring after a while carrying the same diaper bag whenever going outdoors. If you gift something functional like this, the mommy can get a chance to replace the old diaper bag with her favorite tote to organize and carry all the baby items when traveling.

travel gifts for new parents

7. Baby Books

A set of baby books with beautiful illustrations can be a great present for parents traveling with babies. Babies love to see pictures and are curious about them. A few books in the diaper bag can help parents calm a fussy baby during the journey by engaging in learning activities and boosting the baby’s brain development.

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8. Travel-friendly Toys

Kids can never have a lot of toys! The new parents probably wouldn’t mind another toy to keep their baby happy and engaged during the journey. Soft toys, linking toys, pop-it fidgets, or rattles (that can also be used as a teether) make awesome travel gifts for new parents.

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9. Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer for breastmilk or formula is extremely useful for long journeys when there is no other option to warm up milk to feed the baby. A bottle warmer can ease parents’ worries and solve this problem during travel. You can either gift a warmer with a USB charger or an electric one. Both are convenient and functional travel gifts for new parents.

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10. Baby Skincare Kit

A skin care kit for the baby with travel-size products is also a good choice for gifting. Parents can’t compromise on skincare essentials for their baby while traveling. So, a small kit with all the baby essentials can come in handy when on the move. Having all the products in a kit makes finding them more manageable than when packed individually.

11. Baby Booties

Although babies don’t walk, they do need cute pairs of booties to keep their tiny feet warm and look adorable! A few pairs of booties in different styles and colors will make a lovely gift. Just make sure the booties are designed to not fall off the tiny feet and stay put during the journey.

travel gifts for new parents

12. Fuzzy Blanket

A warm, fuzzy blanket is one item that’s always needed for a baby, whether at home or outside. Try finding a baby blanket that’s not too bulky to carry and warm enough to keep the baby cozy when the surroundings get chilly. Baby blankets come in cute designs. Choose one that you love!

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13. Baby Formula Storage Container

Carrying a large container of baby formula can get messy during travel. So, address this pain point of new parents and gift them a baby formula storage container. One can store formula in the required amount in stackable containers so that milk can be prepared whenever needed without messing up anything.

Person Putting a Passport on Bag

14. Travel Document Organizer

There are many things to take care of when traveling with a baby. Therefore, having important travel documents in one place is a good idea. A travel document organizer stores important documents like passports, tickets, etc., in separate sections which can be retrieved whenever asked for by officials. A gift like this one can be a good option for new parents.

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15. Inflatable Footrest

Here is an item that both the parents and the baby can use. An inflatable footrest can help relax tired feet and serve as a space extender for letting the baby lie comfortably in the car or airplane. It is indeed a functional gift item.


Buying travel gifts for new parents can be confusing if you are not a parent. We bet; new parents will much appreciate any item you choose from the above list. So, don’t hesitate to buy stuff mentioned in this article and give a memorable yet valuable present to the new mom and dad you know!

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