9 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Students 

valentine's day

When it comes to love and affection, age is just a number. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to shower an extra dose of love on your special person. The thought, idea, and message matter more than the actual price of gifts. If you and your partner believe that the price tag has nothing to do with the dense romance between the both of you, then here are some cool and inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for you:

chocolates with box on white surface

Letters and Chocolates

Letters may seem old-school stuff, but there can never be a token more significant than letters for romantic love. Love letters have remained a beautiful token insignia of love since time immemorial. In the new age of tech life, we pay so little importance to the effort of handwritten letters expressing feelings from the core of the heart. This gift is a must-try if you have a tight budget yet affluence in words and writing skills. To make things sweeter, add some chocolates.

green plants

Flower Plants with Pots

Flower plants are probably one of the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts. Just imagine a flowering plant resembling the love between you and your partner. You can gift this Bonsai Flower Plant to your partner. One shall water it every day and take care to see a flower bloom, just like the relationship between you, which must be nurtured over time to yield a lifetime of togetherness. It shall remain a living memory forever, reflecting the growth and beauty of love. 

yellow and black letter m

Customized Phone Cover

If there is one thing that we always keep by ourselves and never lose sight of, it is nothing but our phones. If you are looking for a cheap option for Valentine’s day, go for this. Your favorite person will always have a look at the customized phone cover dedicated to the love between both of you and remember you. You can try various options; you can have a couple of photos on the body, some valentine’s day quotes, or maybe a picture of something very significant for your relationship. 

pile of postage stamps

Scrapbook of Memories

If your partner appreciates little memories, then a memory Scrapbook is probably the best thing to gift. You can give a beautiful handmade collection of your past couple of photos and quotes through a scrapbook. The decorations on the scrapbook can be done through small souvenirs that are important to you as a couple. Maybe you paste the first flower you ever gifted to each other or the wrapper of your first gifted chocolate. Do not forget to attach lots of photos and quotes. These handmade gifts are exceptional and can be cherished for a lifetime. 

Set of delicious sweet deserts in box

Chocolate Box 

Chocolates are relatively less expensive than other gifts. If your partner love to eat chocolates and your relationship is as sweet as the candy, give them a box full of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. There are multiple creative ideas that you can try. Decorate them with cute labels. You can add attributes of your partner pon the title of each candy, matching the flavors. This is a unique and innovative idea. Also, you can customize the box or the basket in which you give the chocolates. To make it even more special, you can add some letters. If your partner gives this to you, do not forget to preserve the wrappers to cherish in the future. 

pink and white roses on white snow


Perfumes may not seem to be an inexpensive option, but there are plenty of deodorants and body sprays on the relatively cheap market. The best part is that your partners can consistently use them. Whenever they use the fragrance, they shall think of you. The aroma is crucial in memories so body sprays can be a great option. Sometimes, deodorants are available on offer when bought in pairs. So you and your partner can share one bottle each from the pack. That will even be better – both of you using the same fragrance. 

pink notebook beside black click pen and black framed eyeglasses


College students are into academics, and they love and use stationery items extensively. Valentine’s stationery can be a fantastic gift for your partner. From copies to gems clips, from clips to pen stands, one can gift a plethora of stationaries to the partner. Red and white-themed stationeries are beautiful. Also, customized stationery can be a great option. Go for the red and white theme. Copies customized with a couple of photo labels are also good to go. Little stationery pouches with red and white prints or cute little love quotes are ideal as valentine’s day gifts. 

photo collage on wall

Photo Frame Collage

This is indeed the most special of the lot. For any relationship, photos play a significant role. Small moments cherished together, those time of togetherness has so many stories. It is indeed one of the unique gifts for your partner. Let them relive the memories with you through photos. Get the prints framed in a collage photo frame. The frame can be Valentine-themed. The pictures must depict your togetherness, values, and lovely time together and thus, in totality, your love. You can try it out with different messages as well. 

So which one are you going to try out for this Valentine’s Day?

Wrapping it Up

Teenagers and College students are always super excited about Valentine’s Day, and it is normal so long as they are in the spring of life. However, since they are not much established in life with low incomes, buying something expensive for their partners becomes difficult. Even with a budget crunch, you can please your partner and manifest your love towards them with these inexpensive gift ideas. 

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